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 Amazing does not do justice to just how magical these
massages sessions are. I had 3 massages with this brilliant
gifted therapist during my visit to Durban &
each session was consistently phenomenal.

However, I have to say that my most favourite of the three was the 4hr pamper session(yes, I said 4hrs…wow)
I booked during a rare horrid cold and rainy day in Durban.

Not only did The Massage Guy turn up at my hotel with the candles and music to create a lovely, relaxing atmosphere, he also brought along a heater to make sure that I was warm and comfortable. Those little details make all the difference and truly did make me feel special, even though I guessed he
probably does exercise that amount of care with all his clients.

I’ve never experienced such a detailed and heavenly massage in my life, even though I’ve been to some of the best SPAs in Europe
and Asia. Hands down the absolute best massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

You will definitely be seeing me every time I fly to South Africa. Thank you so much for everything!


After experiencing what you can do, it is shockingly apparent to me how lacking the girls at these commercial spas and beauty studios are. The difference is as obvious to me as drinking the finest champagne
& cheap boxed wine.​

You have a client for life in me. I’m never going back to those inferior treatments from inferior therapists.

Liesl C.

Being a migraine sufferer for over 25yrs, for me personally nothing has ever helped take away or even ease the pain until I started going to The Massage Guy. He is the most professional therapist that I have ever come across,who not only makes you feel comfortable and relaxed but knows how to work on the specific pressure points to take away my pain. He takes his time and pride with your specific treatment and I always walk out of his studio feeling refreshed,relaxed and of coz without that nagging migraine. Until you have experienced a full blown migraine you can never relate to it.  

And if The Massage Guy can give you this much relief from a migraine just imagine how much more relaxed and relieved you would feel after having any of the other treatments that he offers. Don’t settle for something just coz you know the person. Give The Massage Guy a try and you will wonder why didn’t you do this sooner, why did you settle for anything else in the past..#no offense to any spas or other therapists this is my personal opinion from my personal experience and believe me I have spent a fortune on other spa treatments but nothing can compare the what this therapist has given me 🙂  


Ladies I would do this over and over again …What an experience. I have had massages at many places but The Massage Guy comes out Tops ….I feel awesome … I advise you to book your massage now
and Enjoy 🙂


Words cannot do justice to just how magical and blissful these massages are, they have to be experienced firsthand to be truly appreciated. An absolute treat and a little piece of heaven on earth for the hedonistic woman who takes delight in the pleasure that only a really great professional massage can provide.

​No massage therapist I’ve had in the past, has ever demonstrated this amount of skill and talent for this beautiful physical art-form. My only regret was that I only booked a 2hr session, thinking that it would be enough time. I’m definitely going to be clearing out more time in my schedule for my next session so that I can book a 3 or 4hr session.

One of my newest addictions that I plan on giving in to as often as I possibly can, highly highly recommended!!!


“I’ve been spoilt”

 After many years of being pampered by the touch of your skillful hands and massage techniques, I can no longer go to any other therapist and feel the relaxation that I always feel after a session with you. Thank you for yet another heavenly and relaxed session.

2nd Testimonial

You are without a doubt, the most incredibly talented massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. You have helped me take my performance to the next level. Thank you so much. Highly highly recommended!​

Fitness Bikini Competitor

I had my first session and it was amazing! Not only is Lyle phenomenal at what he does but he’s a great listener too. He really made me feel comfortable and also made me understand the beauty of massage, what it’s meant to do for your body and how it’s supposed to make you feel. Very professional, clean and cosy studio too. I would really recommend his techniques to all females who just want to pamper and treat themselves to something different from your ordinary 1 hour massages (boooooo! Never going back to that again). You’ll leave feeling so rejuvenated and in a much brighter mood. I can’t wait for my next session!


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Ok so you’ve totally ruined me for other massage therapists. How am I supposed to be satisfied with massages done by others when I know for a fact that none of them work on the same level as you do? You better make sure you come to Cape Town very soon & allow us ladies on this end to enjoy your fantastic massage abilities mister!!! XoXo​


It’s not easy finding a massage therapist who actually knows how read a woman’s body & adapt his/her massage techniques to skillfully tackle every sore spot without leaving you feeling bruised & battered afterwards. Lyle, you have quite simply perfected the art of massage and your passion for your profession & warmth & genuine concern for your clients is so evident. I’m going to refer you to every one of my girls who needs & appreciates such a wonderful gift of healing from an even more wonderful guy.

Keep it up you amazing soul, you’re the best!


Ladies treat yourself to an amazing massage at The Massage Guy Durban. I walked in stressed and drained and walked out feeling amazing. His techniques are amazing.

I will definitely be going back again. Ladies you owe it to treat yourself to an amazing massage. Drift off to another place. 


Never in my life have I ever come across a massage therapist with as much passion, talent and in-depth understanding of the human body & muscle anatomy. Every last spot on my body that carried pain & tension was worked in such generous detail without being brutal & overly forceful, like most massage therapists are. I’m still in utter awe & amazement at how splendidly skillful your massage techniques are, the gentle but very precise repetition of your strokes really really took me to cloud nine far sooner than I expected, given how tense my muscles were and how stressed out I was before I arrived.​

This is definitely a much needed therapy for any woman who is overworked, over-stressed & in need of a blissful retreat from the hectic pace of this crazy world we live in, a chance to relax and have your all your aches & pains relieved sublimely.

​After experiencing the incredible way The Massage Guy – Durban performs massage, I suddenly felt very cheated & let down by all the “therapists” who have massaged me over the years at some of the “best” spas around. My eyes have been opened, opened wide at just how much has been lacking and how much time & money I have wasted on sub-standard massages by average therapists. It’s plainly obvious to me that all the lavish spa decor & pretty settings only serve as distractions and make us believe that we are getting something amazing, that’s a lie. A sub-standard massage in an amazing setting is still a sub-standard massage.

I will no longer settle for less than the very best, and this is the only therapist for me from now on!​

Tanya T.

Until experiencing your phenomenal massage skills, I never realized just how inadequate all my previous massage therapists have been. ​

I’ve always felt like I was getting great massages but now I feel like I’ve been wasting my time with those spa massages that all my friends  were constantly rave about.  You’re the best by far.


Wow is all I can say! Ladies believe all the testimonials… the most amazing massage session I have ever had. Attention to detail outstanding and the most amazing hands that you will want to keep going back for again and again. This is my massage therapist for life. I highly recommend Lyle for his ability, style and professionalism.


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